CompressX 1.9: Retain Image Metadata, Paste Files, Convert Images, Video Downscaling, and More!

31 May, 2024

I am excited to announce the latest update for CompressX. With this new release, I have added several exciting features and made some much-needed fixes to improve the overall user experience.

Retaining Image Metadata

One of the most requested features was the ability to retain image metadata such as EXIF and IPTC when compressing images. This feature has been added in this update, allowing you to preserve important metadata when compressing their images. To turn this feature on, simply go to Advanced setting menu and toggle it

CompressX retain image metadata

Pasting Files and Images

Another handy addition is the support for pasting files and images into CompressX directly from the clipboard. This makes it easier than ever to quickly compress files without having to navigate through multiple folders.

Removing Input Files

I have also added the ability to remove input files without having to select new files, making it more convenient to manage the files in the compression queue.

CompressX remove input files

Video Downscaling

Additionally, you now have the option to downscale video files to further reduce their size without compromising on quality.

CompressX video downscaling

Image Format Conversion

In terms of image compression, you can now convert images to PNG or JPG format while compressing them, giving them more flexibility in choosing the output format.

CompressX image conversion

Queuing New Files

Furthermore, you can now drop or paste new files while compressing to add them to the queue, making it easier to add additional files on the fly.

Fixes and Improvements

In terms of fixes, I have addressed an issue where the app would keep retrying when compressing video files, providing a smoother and more efficient compression process.

I have also fixed an issue where compressed files had poor audio quality, ensuring that audio remains lossless during the compression process.

For full changelog, please refer toΒ

To update the app, go to CompressX β†’ Check for updates... or click Check for Updates in the Settings window.

🎊 One last thing

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Thanks for your support, and happy compressing!