1.9 (31 May, 2024)

🌟 New
  • Added an option to retain image metadata (EXIF, IPTC)
  • Added support for pasting files and images into CompressX from the clipboard
  • Added the ability to remove input files without selecting new files
  • Added support for downscaling video
  • Added the ability to convert images to PNG or JPG format when compressing them
  • Added support for dropping or pasting new files while compressing to add them to the queue
🛠️ Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the app would keep retrying when compressing video
  • Fixed an issue where compressed files had poor audio quality. Audio remains lossless during the compression process.

1.8.1 (30 Apr, 2024)

✨ Improvements
  • Improve app performance when loading thousand of files

1.8 (26 Apr, 2024)

🌟 New
  • Image compression can now be exported in WebP format
  • Add an option to set target fps when compressing videos
🛠️ Fixes
  • Fix an issue where selected app icon not being saved after an update
  • Fix an issue where the deeplink fails to trigger CompressX to compress the file

1.7 (14 Apr, 2024)

🌟 New
  • Add H.265/HVEC codec for video encoding when compressing video
  • Add an option to opt-out anonymous analytics
  • Tap an item in compression history will open it in Finder
🛠️ Fixes
  • Fix issue where the automatic compression processes a file twice
  • Fix an issue where Product Hunt review button keep showing

1.6.1 (9 Apr, 2024)

🌟 Improvements
  • Add an effect when hovering the file selection panel
🛠️ Fixes
  • Fix an issue where the app is stuck when compressing MKV files

1.6 (5 Apr, 2024)

✨ New
  • Support GIF compression
  • Add compression history, accessible from the menu or by pressing Command + Y
🌟 Improvements
  • Video, image, and gif file types can be selected together
  • Display the current file’s name when compressing multiple files
  • Add an option to preserve the creation date for the compressed file

1.5.3 (17 Mar, 2024)

🌟 Improvement
  • Include an option to delete input files and remove audio for automatic compression with the Monitoring feature
  • The input size and name information are not clickable when a single file is selected
  • Retain the original file name for the compressed file when the "Move to trash" option is enabled
  • Use an incremental number instead of a timestamp for identical filenames
🛠️ Fixes
  • Resolve the issue where compressed video failing when trimmed
  • Resolve the issue where input files being deleted despite compression failure

1.5.2 (13 Mar, 2024)

🛠️ Fixes
  • Resolved the issue causing crashes when selecting a video due to improper installation of FFmpeg

1.5.1 (10 Mar, 2024)

🌟 Improvement
  • Prevent selecting GIF file as GIF compression is not supported yet
🛠️ Fixes
  • Fixed wrong email address in the Info section. For any feedback and issue, feel free to send me an email at
  • Resolved issue causing crashes when selecting a video on some devices

1.5 (9 Mar, 2024)

✨ New
  • Automatically compress videos and images in a monitored folder. For more information, visit here
  • Real-time progress display when converting video to GIF
  • Included a link to the Telegram channel in the Info section
🌟 Improvement
  • Deeplinking now supports additional parameters: quality, videoFormat, and removeAudio. For more information, visit here
🛠️ Fixes
  • Converted GIF from video now has correct dimensions
  • Audio is synced when trimming the video
  • Compression no longer gets stuck with MKV file format
  • Resolved issue causing crashes when selecting a video on some devices

1.4 (26 Feb, 2024)

✨ New
  • Video trimming support.
  • Compressed file size estimation.
🌟 Improvement
  • Prevent a case where compressed file size increases.

1.3 (6 Feb, 2024)

✨ New
  • Add support for customizing the output file name format.
  • Hardware acceleration for video compression is now supported (beta).
  • Add a small card to notify users about the availability of a new version.
🌟 Improvement
  • Clicking on "Submit an issue or feature request" will now open the Mail app instead of directing you to the Github issues page.

1.2.1 (29 Jan, 2024)

🌟 Improvement
  • The output file name now only includes a random number at the end if there is already a file with the same name.
🛠️ Fix
  • Incorrect output file name is being displayed.
  • Some UI tasks are no longer being updated from the background thread.

1.2 (26 Jan, 2024)

✨ New
  • Now you can batch compress multiple videos, images, or folders by selecting or dropping them into the app.
  • Display progress in the app and on the dock icon while compressing videos.
  • Support integration for third-party apps. Find more information at Integration with CompressX
CompressX integration🌟 Improvement
  • Improve the onboarding flow for Intel Mac users

1.1 (13 Jan, 2024)

✨ New
  • Support image compression with four levels of quality
  • Support GIF conversion with five quality levels, adjustable FPS, and multiple dimension options
  • Added three new app icons
🌟 Improvement
  • Improve the onboarding flow by providing clearer instructions
  • Update the format for displaying file sizes


  • Fix an issue where the compression is stuck with large file on Intel Mac


  • Custom output folder is now supported
  • Add new quality option: Highest
  • Transparent video can be compressed without losing the transparency. 2 new quality options are also added specifically for transparent video
  • WebM video input is now supported
  • Add new keyboard shortcut: now you can press Enter/Return to start compressing
  • Show an error message if failed to remove the input file
  • Fix an issue where notification doesn’t show when compress successfully
  • Fix an issue where notification is shown when cancel the compression


  • Convert output video to MP4 and WebM
  • Get notified when compression is finished


  • Support MKV input
  • Fix an issue where removed file doesn’t appear in the Trash bin


  • Add integration with Raycast (
  • Add the option to remove the input file after compressing
  • Update onboarding flow to include setup instruction video
  • Fix an issue with code sign
  • Fix an issue with wrong "Input file doesn’t exist" error


  • Right click any video and select Open With -> CompressX to quickly compress the video
  • Show elapsed time while compressing the video


  • Add 4 video quality options: High, Good, Medium, Acceptable
  • Allow to remove audio from the video
  • Automatically trim whitespaces and newlines in the FFmpeg path
  • Fix an issue with file name
  • Fix an issue where the Compress button color is not showing properly in light mode
  • Add a warning message if the compressed file size is larger than input file


  • MVP release