CompressX 1.4: Video Trimming, File Size Estimation

26 February, 2024

Video trimming support

When selecting a video to compress, you will be able to trim the video to remove unwanted fragments. Simply tap the “Trim video” button on the top left corner, then move the two markers to select the beginning and ending of your clip. That’s super easy!

CompressX trim video

Estimate compression size

CompressX will now display the estimated file size before compression, giving you an idea of the reduction in size after compressing.

CompressX estimate size result

You can enable file size estimation from the Settings window

CompressX esimate file size setting

Please note that the estimation is not 100% accurate. It only provides an approximate idea of the compressed file size.

To update the app, go to CompressX → Check for updates... or click Check for Updates in the Settings window.