CompressX 1.10: Image Downscaling and Bug Fixes

26 June, 2024

I am excited to announce the latest update for CompressX. This release includes new features that will enrich your user experience, alongside vital bug fixes to ensure smoother performance.

Downscale Images During Compression

Now you can downscale the image size to 75%, 50%, or 25% when compressing images. This feature gives you full control over the size and quality of your compressed images. Say goodbye to oversized files and hello to optimized storage!

CompressX downscale image

Customize the Notch UI

With the new option to change the notch UI, you can now tailor the interface to better suit your preferences and workflow. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or more detail, this feature will make your app experience more comfortable and efficient.

CompressX customise notch UI

Bug fixes 🛠️

I’m excited to address some bugs that have been fixed in this update. Here’s a summary of what has been improved:

  • Fix an issue where the "Remove file after compression" option doesn’t work if files were opened through deeplink or the "Open With" menu
  • Fix an issue where the app displayed incorrect files when opened via deeplink
  • Fix an issue that caused the app to fail when compressing webp images
  • Fix an issue where compression failed if the selected output folder didn’t exist

To update the app, go to CompressX → Check for updates... or click Check for Updates in the Settings window.

I’m committed to continually improving the app, and your feedback is invaluable. Please keep sharing your thoughts and experiences – they help make the app even better for you.

Thank you for your continued support and trust. I can’t wait for you to try out these new features and improvements. Stay tuned for more updates!