Offline media compressionCompress video, image, and gif with up to 90% file size reduction without significant loss of quality
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Supports Mac Intel & Apple Silicon. macOS 13+


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Up to 90% file size reduction.
Compress your videos and images without significantly losing quality, powered by FFmpeg
Monitor folder for automatic compression.
Automatically compress new files in monitored folders
Support 5 quality options.
Further reduce video size to better suit your requirements.
Gif conversion.
Just drop a video, select quality, FPS, and voilà.
Compatible with transparent video.
Compress video with transparent background with the most powerful Apple APIs.
Export to MP4, WebM, and WebP.
Export the compressed file in different formats like MP4, WebM, WebP, or maintain the current format.
Multiple files at once.
Increase your productivity by compressing multiple files simultaneously.
Raycast extension.
Speed up your workflow by sending your file to Raycast.
Work 100% offline.
Your files never leave your computer.

I’ve been really enjoying this tool. Great work Hieu!

Guillermo Rauch
Guillermo Rauch
CEO of Vercel

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